Capturedit is screen capture and edit utility. It allows selection of an area with instant, inplace markup and annotation ability, then copy to clipboard or save to file. Capturedit is a simple tool designed to save time for those commonly communicating visually.

It aims to be as integrated to the desktop experience as possible. When selecting an area to capture the rest of the screen dims and action options appear. At the click of one of those buttons the selected region is copied to the clipboard, written to disk or becomes edittable. Again editting takes place inline and the same action options remain.

W ritten in java, capturedit is being actively testing in Linux and Windows.

Capturedit is currently in a pre-alpha status. It currently allows selection, copy, write to file and editor buttons appear on editting toggle. Editting and User stored preferences need to be implemented.

If you are interested in testing or assisting, contact the project admin.